Friday, January 13, 2012

one's value

Recently I was faced with the challenging and emotional experience of being told that my work was not worth two dollars more than what that person had been paying for it. Either way, it is a bargain for them, and while they seemed happy with my work, they weren't willing to pay for the quality they were enjoying.

I felt used, under valued, disrespected, and demeaned. Then I began to question my own value, which is a terrible place to go, to take yourself. 

And then... I was bolstered by THIS.

Thank you Design Sponge & Regina Morrison. You reminded me to have faith in myself and to not sell myself short, for myself, and for the rest of the small creative / handmade business community.

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Cory said...

HELLZYEAH! Chica, your work is so considerate, thoughtful, and simply priceless. :o)
I have priced photo shoots at HUNDREDS of dollars less than most photogs and still went down in price after that just chasing jobs. For the family, it cost far more than the impersonal Sears family portraits... But I captured priceless moments in natural environments and took the processing home with me where I put love in my images. Many folks have yet to understand the value and the work that goes into handmade and small businesses.