Thursday, August 6, 2009


The very clever Cory posted some great shots on her flickr photosteam along with a link to a tutorial on how to make planets out of landscape photographs. I immediately had to try it. Of course, since I don’t take a lot of landscape shots, I had to get a bit more creative. The end result are some abstracted photos that I still like to think of as planets.

planet 1

Planet Nightlights

planet beach

Planet Beach

planet birds

Planet Crow Fly

Planet condiment

Planet Condiments

Planet Pier

Planet Pier 

planet seattle

Planet Seattle 

planet smoke

Planet Smoke 

Planet trees and clouds

Planet Pine

(or as my husband likes to call it “Planet Pucker”) 

planet water fall 2

Planet Falling Water

planet water falling

Planet Falling Water (inverted)

I turned the 3 steps in this process into an “action” which made it a lot easier to play with all kinds of photos in a relatively short amount of time. I had a lot of very strange results. But these, I’m happy with these.

I also ended up with a couple (below) that looked nothing like planets (even to someone with the most vivid imagination), but I like them just the same.

planets abstract 1 


Larissa said...

wow I really loved those, very artistically different!

kendalee said...

Very, very cool! And what fun!

Diana said...

How fun! I think the "non-planet" grass image is my fav. And planet crows is pretty fantastic too!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hey! This is way cool, Rachel. As soon as my computer is set up again with Photoshop my daughter and I have to give this a try for grins!