Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Color Week

Green Tuesday – Wouldn’t you know it. I got out of the house, took about 10 photos and then my camera runs out of battery. Sigh. As you can see, save for the last one, I was pretty much scrapping the bottom of camera’s barrel. What is really ironic about that… I live in a city that’s nickname is “The Emerald City.” Common! Green was going to be so easy, so stellar. Sigh, again.

Color Week - Green Tuesday - building Color Week - Green Tuesday - memory Color Week - Green Tuesday - sign Color Week - Green Tuesday - tissue box Color Week - Green Tuesday - Vivian

Yellow / Orange Wednesday – I charged my camera’s battery over night and amongst all the other things I had to grab on my way out the door (toddler bag, purse, camera, my jacket, his jacket, water, his juice, phone, keys, etc.) I somehow forgot to get that damn battery. So, I had to pull yellow and orange photos out of recent photo folders on my trusty computer. I wonder, will I ever stop living as though my brain is marinating in a mixture of helium and Vicodin?

Color Week - Yellow Wednesday - feetsColor Week - Yellow Wednesday - pizza boxColor Week - Yellow Wednesday - wood floorColor Week - Yellow Wednesday - milkColor Week - Yellow Wednesday - finger man Color Week - Orange Wednesday - sliced oranges


kendalee said...

Oh those cat's eyes - amazing shot!

And I love the one of the wooden boards with the patina of wear - beautiful!

daniela said...

what a great project, and a creative way to photograph. it's always so inspiring over here....