Monday, May 18, 2009

Color Week – Just in time

I found out about Lisa’s (Curious Girl) color week project only a couple days ago and I say it was just in time. I’ve needed something, anything, to kick start my creative furans. This kind of thing usually does the trick, and is all the more effective if it’s not a self imposed directive. So, with a leap of faith that something will be restored to me, I embrace BLUE monday.

Color Week - Blue Monday - Local Icon

A local icon, on blue

Color Week - Blue Monday - Seattle's finest

Seattle’s finest in blue.

Color Week - Blue Monday - Seattle Sky Green trees & green mass trans with partial blue.

Color Week - Blue Monday - Train Center Parking Model train store – to my son’s delight

Color Week - Blue Monday - Virgin Atlantic Billboard

Partial Virgin Airways billboard.

Color Week - Blue Monday - DenimDenim

Color Week - Blue Monday - industrial spool Industrial Spool

High art it is not, but to have a theme, a focus, a crutch even, helps a lot. And that last photo, the OK one, that’s comforting, oddly enough. It’s as though I hear the voice of the color blue, gently reassuring me… it’s ok. Thanks blue, I love you.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I've experienced that creative gyre where I go in endless circles of schlumpyness. This project sounds like the perfect kick-start to your creative beauty, Rachel. LOVE the photos, as always. Take care.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Lovely study of blue. Such a comforting colour and one I never tire off.

kendalee said...

Rachel, I didn't know you were playing! What a great collection of blues. I know we are often our harshest critic, and it is all relative, but I have yet to see a bad picture posted by you. You just have such a great eye!

Rachel said...

Deb - Thank you lovely soul you.

Garden - Thank you much!! Yes, blue is really the best color in my book.

Kendalee - Thank you so much. Your words echoed in my mind all day, lifting me up, giving me confidence! That is priceless!!