Saturday, May 23, 2009


My grand experiment hasn’t seemed to have worked. I still feel void of creative mojo. So, I have decided to just let it be for now, and focus on other things, like teaching myself Adobe Illustrator, and soaking up other people’s work. Word have been failing me too, so I think there will be a lot of visuals here, mostly courtesy of other fine artists.

I did do Red Thursday and want to share that with you. Red has never been a particular favorite of mine, so it was difficult to be highly inspired to find it. Plus, I was in the car pretty much the whole day (as a passenger) which didn’t afford much in the way of seeking red. Rather, I had to take what came my way.

Color Week - Red Thursday - Car Snooze Color Week - Red Thursday - Compact Color Week - Red Thursday - Crane Color Week - Red Thursday - flag Color Week - Red Thursday - Tail End Color Week - Red Thursday - Target Color Week - Red Thursday - Turn

A rather dismal showing of red, I must confess. Ah well, I tried. =0)

(The driving is due to us looking for a new rental. Our apartment’s lease in downtown is almost up and we’d really like to get into a house. We’ve looked a few places but nothing has been a perfect fit. The search continues)

I tried to do violet / purple Friday but really, there was so little of that fine color to be had, it proved futile.


elk said...

i know it will return~now I think the way you crop your photos is so cool...i will do that in a post this week and link it "Algae crop"

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Lol. That's funny. Thank's Elk. The encouragment is good to hear, does my heart good. =0)