Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thoughtful Friday on Tuesday

I've been a little out of whack lately.. a little out of balance.. a little off kilter. This is why I've been gone.

I'm continually shocked how long life can go on, day after day, with the same pain, the same stale loneliness, the same bitter stuckness. And then, with only a breath...... change. A loss can grow bigger, a passion becomes deeper, a smile means more, we see with different eyes, the old gives way to new and a life long friend is made in mere moments.

I'm jarred.. but in a really beautiful way.. in a way that lets me know, nothing stays the same, nothing remains as it is now.. even the thickest gloom can move.

Thoughtful Friday - bring on the wonder

I'm dedicated to this "Thoughtful Friday" project. It's actually quite perfect for me. I have always had a love of words, of the arrangement of words into meaning.. blunt or exquisite.. it's all craft and art and I love it. In high school, I collected quotes in a book. I mark up books I love with lines and asterisks and folds. It drives my husband crazy. But, I have to do it. A well crafted sentence, lyric, phrase, line, quote.. it's like magic.

The lyrics in this photo are "Bring on the wonder. We got it all wrong. We pushed you down deep in our souls for too long." from Susan Enan's song "Bring on the Wonder."

You can hear it here and her web site is here

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Anonymous said...

goodness, I thought I had commented on this lovely post. I did listen to Enan's lovely song as well as one other of hers -- I adore her voice but her song writing is exquisite. Thank you for introducing her magic to me.