Wednesday, July 16, 2008

White Space Wednesday ~

is a Flickr group that I adore, created by a favorite Flickr-er, unruly things.

I got to thinking about the concept of white space, or negative space in imagery, and how it can be metaphoric for breathing room / quiet / calm / meditation / peace / stillness in life. Not filling up every moment of the day with work, play, or distraction is a particular challenge for me. I suppose that is probably true for most people who are not Tibetan monks.

I was thinking, in an effort to bring more white space into my life, I might make Wednesday the day I focus on it. How (or if) that will manifest itself here I'm not certain.  But, I'm putting it out there, to see what happens.


Also, I'm thinking of a friend who's father is having major surgery tomorrow. It's a scary thing that I've not yet had to face. I'm holding her in my heart and wishing her as much calm as possible, as well as the best possible outcome for her Dad.

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Larissa said...

Thanks for your nice thoughts. Much appreciated.