Thursday, July 3, 2008

thoughtful friday

The line is from the movie Home For The Holidays. It's probably not an exact quote. I haven't seen the movie in years, though it is one of my all time favorite movies, with really some of the best lines ever.

and we wont

... and we won't even take any pictures...

I think about that sentiment a lot, particularly around my family. It's so easy to get lost in the documenting and capturing of one's life, that I sometimes forget to be in it. Some of the best photographs I've taken are in my heart. They are moments when everything else stopped and it wasn't the visual I was recording but the entire experience. I'd submerge myself in the sounds and textures of emotion.. of temporal perspective.. I'd immerse myself in the details, trying like mad to stop time itself. When I remember to do this, I can, even years later, call up a moment, like a file on my hard drive, marinade in it with every sense in my body, and it feels good. It feels really good.


Larissa said...

Wow...I so get that. In the past I have often lamented on not having a picture of this event or that person, or X time in my life. In actuality however the memory, the essence, is etched within me forever...Thank you for the reminder.

albertapostcards said...

I agree with Larissa -- thanks for that important reminder. Since my mother's death, I too have lamented about all the non-existent photos; photos that could have been or should have been. But you're right -- we have these images in our memory. Some of mine are not well developed or full of clarity but they are there. Thanks for such a thoughtful post, and reminder.