Thursday, June 5, 2008

living as if ~

In many ways, I LOVE my life. My husband, my son, the gift of being able to be a stay at home mom, art, my extended family, friends, good food, security, and many other important parts of my life are just pure blessings.

into the light 3

There are also many ways in which my life does not measure up to what I would like it to be. There are ways I want to improve myself and my ability to function in the world. I've been working on all this for years (who hasn't, right?), but particularly intensely lately. It occurred to me recently to wonder what it would be like to just pretend that I am everything I want to be, that my life is just the way I would wish for it to be. Would focusing on what I want, instead of what I lack, bring me closer to having it? It's worth a little effort I think. So, this is my new project, for today, and maybe more days to come, depending on the experience. I'm hoping, since I've not touched my camera in a while, this will inspire me to pick it up and see the world differently through it & through my new "rose colored glasses".


Putting these intentions down on (virtual) paper is so helpful. It makes me feel more determined, more committed, more accountable.

I hope, dear reader, this day finds you in a world which meets with your approval.

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