Sunday, June 1, 2008


Living with art as a way of life, as a state of partial existence,  is like breathing, I think. There seems to this rhythm to it that requires equal parts inhaling (taking in, consuming) and exhaling (putting out, creating).

I find myself, of late, in very much an inhalation state.

Sometimes, when the inhalation is particularly rapid or intense the only thing to do, to prevent hyperventilation, is to share it (a form of exhalation I suppose).

To that end, I give you... antique furniture love via  And


I love the fact that the leg profile of this table is in the shape of a capital K. My husband's whole family (mom, dad, brother and he) have names that begin with K. K is close to my heart.


What can I say? It's simple, sweet, soft yet not fussy. Love it.


This chair combines two of my favorite interior design elements ~ medium tone simple wood and industrial metal.


Speaking of industrial metal. Swoon!


I've been slowing falling in love with ironstone, and other simple white ceramics, since this article about collecting ironstone soap dishes from Mathew Mead.

Hence these photos of simple pots I bought at Ikea last week.


light from the right

Thanks for letting me share.

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