Friday, May 30, 2008

gratitude ~

Wednesday was a particularly hard day for the boy and I. He woke up cranky as all get out and too late to go to story time at the library, so our morning was a bit unstructured. During our afternoon backyard time, amidst three trips to the front of the house to watch the garbage, recycling, and green waste trucks, we got locked out of the house by the screen door which stupidly locks when the level is pulled down (by hand or gravity). I had to basically break into my own house. Good times.

As I was sitting on my driveway, baring witness to the apparent mechanical genius that is trucking, I was complaining to myself. Woe is me. Poor poor me.

And then, it suddenly hit me, like a garbage can upside my head; I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I really am. Duh.

When I was a kid, living in a teensy tiny rent controlled apartment in not-the-best neighborhood, I use to fantasize about sitting on my very own drive way, on my very own street, in my very own neighborhood. And the lack that driveway hurt so much I could taste it.

graditude 3

It's nothing new to acknowledge one's blessings, or even to publish one's gratitude. I'm not breaking any ground here, but it's a worthy task, nonetheless.

Thank you [whoever or whatever you might be] for home.

Thank you for warmth, family, light, humor, security, art, passion & love.

Thank you for him

graditude 2

Thank you for his perfectly normal imperfections.

Thank you for his health, his kisses, his voluntary hugs, his arms and legs that work, his eyes that see everything , his mind that is always turning, his voice so loud, his nose and teeth and smile....

Thank you for the sweet things mamas hear from the mouths of their babes. Thank you for babes that came too soon, and catch up, while their mamas worry.

graditude 1

Thank you for friends, or even just that one.

Thank you for people who care to read these words.

Thank you for food, fine weather, play, color, soap, and trees.

Thank you for gratitude, which made me feel humble, rich, and free.

Edit: Thank you also for the love of my life, the Dada to my boy, the foundation, and the gentlest man I know. Without you none of the above would be.

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Larissa said...

What a lovely post....Yes gratitude...Being in a state of gratitude seems to be healing to heart in some way, creates a sense of mindfulness I have found in the past. Thanks for the reminder. I intend to practice gratitude more.