Monday, March 9, 2009

a jaunt,

an effort at exploration,  out to Snoqualmie Falls. There was snow on the ground and clouds mingling  amongst tree trunks. good on paperclouds

The water fell in wispy sheets, like powder, in the cool humid air. slow fall

From high above water seemed to float gingerly down then melt and fade away rather than crash or flow.IMG_0945d

In every moment, with each click of the camera shutter, a skirt around the impacting water changed form, a choreography of mist and air. IMG_0945cIMG_0945bdestination

From the trees on the walk to the view of the falls dripped melting snow like raindrops. Ice and melting snow  clung to budding flowers, declaring “Spring is near!”spring is coming It’s all too common, this seasonal change, but so miraculous to me.

There is something poetic about my entry into a world of actual seasons (in Southern California there is perpetual summer with a few weeks of chilly air and rain mixed in occasionally) at this time of year, near the end of winter and just before the most welcomed season of them all, spring.

I am thankful for and humbled by it.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I'm not certain I could live in a place without seasons. Each one brings such a different beauty into our lives. It seems as though your move to the NW is agreeing with you, and your photos are simply lovely. The skirts of angels.

Ryan said...

These are so dreamy. You're photos get better each time you post. These are out of a fairy tale!

kendalee said...

Beautiful!! I'm SOOOOO ready for Spring!

LeS said...

flat. out. stunning. the whole world should see these photos :)

Larissa said...

Beautiful pics,and perfectly chosen words. Wow!!!

onegoldensun said...

Beautiful photos! Really lovely.

kristin said...

wow wow wow! amazing!