Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, there have been some ups and downs here in Seattle. From the outside all looks calm, and compared to the wild mood swings and vicious turns in perspective of years ago (before antidepressants) this is a walk in the park.

huddle three copy

Nonetheless, there are peaks and valleys that come with the giant leap of moving from one state to another.

 one two three four five

A wonderfully pleasing surprise has been, as was always my dream about living in the Pacific Northwest, that this place heals.

white stone and kelp



The natural wonder that abounds here, that takes over in some places and refuses to let go, that threatens to push hard against humanity at any moment, is my salvation.

single file now

A walk in a park cures. A photo shoot on location by the sea, so that I take only photos and leave only footprints, is the sweetest medicine of all.


I hope you enjoy the results.

I like this part right here mama

This is the park that held me in it’s comforting embrace.

* * Most of these photos were improved by the addition of layer textures so generously shared by Les Brumes on Flickr. She is an amazing artist and really one of my idols.


kendalee said...

Oh Rachel, these are exquisite. Breathtaking.

For me, nothing in the world (other than love) heals quite as well as the sea. I'm so glad that you have this (and a park too) to soothe the transition for you. And the healing flows through the ether via your beautiful photographs too. Thank you for sharing them.

kristin said...

looks perfect. so meditative. there is something special of the sea. breathe it deep.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Oh, I was going to say "breathtaking," but kendalee beat me to it. Still....breathtaking. Can I move in with you? Your photos, your prose - stellar. Amazing. Ethereal. Wonderous.