Monday, April 28, 2008

1-36 on my life list

in no particular order


1. adopt a dog
2. see Alaskan glaciers
3. stand someplace completely wild
4. swim again & often
5. live in an old house
6. decorate my life with my own sense of style


7. go back to school (MFA)
8. wear slim jeans
9. read so much more
10. a photographic series on old or abandoned schools
11. travel much
12. meet Cory


13. be not afraid to photograph places and things that intimidate me
14. feel comfortable on a bike again
15. have an incredible view from my breakfast table
16. go red again
17. sew better
18. my own show in a gallery


19. have another baby
20. remember always that my prince has already come
21. take pride in my age, always
22. live near woods
23. cook what I like more often
24. drink more tea, mindfully


25. play more
26. celebrate more
27. walk more
28. keep only the things I love around me
29. feel loved more
30. feel sexy again


31. use my hands to knit useful things
32. garden more
33. buy art, support artists
34. reuse, reduce, recycle more
35. do what I say I will, more
36. break that fast food habit

**{none of the above photos are mine}**



LeS said...

My goodness, what a beautiful - and moving - list you have created here. Using these photos to illustrate your list was a stroke of creative brilliance!

I am so happy to have found your blog (through your stunning photos at flickr). So beautiful!

Also, thank you for the comment on 'love is everywhere' over at flickr. Yours, by the way, thrilled me and made me a tad jealous at the same time!! :) I have written further in the comments over there.

Again, so glad to have found your vision :)

Christine Edwards said...

What a great list...and I love the pictures you've chosen from Flickr. Wonderful!

albertapostcards said...

what a meaningful list -- may you reach and achieve every single one


Rachel said...

Thank you les... your many complements made my day!

Thank you also Christine and Diane.

I really enjoyed putting this together. I'm sure I will be doing more of them, though smaller so that the individual photos get more of the spotlight that they deserve.