Tuesday, April 29, 2008

learning curves

There is so much to know about Photoshop. There are so many tools, so many tweaks that can be made. I like to imagine that it is a world of infinite possibilities.

I've been using the action so generously shared by Jinna of Elusive Photography, among other processing, to create the vintage look of a lot of my photos lately. Being so completely blown away but the delicate light and color this action brings to my photographs, I've been inspired to learn to use Photoshop more fully.

It's begun with learning about curves. This is what I did today.


My original photo straight from the camera with no processing

old tulip

One of the many versions I made while playing with curves.

old tulip blue

And another.

old tulip w elusive action

This is the one I made using one of Jinna's Elusive Action.

While I like some of the results I got while playing around on my own, they are rather unnatural looking (which is fine when that's what you want). I am even more impressed now with the magic that Jinna has been able to create using this monstrous octopus of a tool (Photoshop) . I have much to learn.


Christine Edwards said...

Yes, Photoshop is a massive program with endless possibilities. It's great to use actions to learn from and/or a jumping off point. But, oh what fun to play!

Rachel said...

It is fun indeed. I cannot fathom the hours I have sunk into that "toy". You sound like you have more than a casual knowledge of the program?