Monday, February 25, 2008

catch up

ickhhh.. sorry I've been away. You know that thing?... real life?... and how it can overshadow this pleasant yet amputated cyber one?... Yeah, same old story.

But check out what happened yesterday!!! I, little ol' me, was subject of post on Moonstiches!!! I have been reading this blog for quite some time, so its a bit surreal to find my work pictured there (she was the recipient of my photo for the scent of water photo swap). More than surreal though, it's such an honor and thrill. Thank you so much Alex!!!

Speaking of swaps. I've finished my mobile for the Elsie Marley's Mobile Swap, and will be putting it in the mail tomorrow (exactly one week and one day late).

mobile 1 mobile 2

mobile 3 mobile 4

mobile 6

mobile 5

In general, I think the components came out pretty good, but my engineering skills could use some work. I hope she likes it and doesn't mind terribly if she has to rework the tangled apparatus.

And my last, ongoing and late, swap is the Nectar and Light photo swap. The theme was morning ritual and because I couldn't decide between the two, I'm sending these photos to my partner.

morning ritual 1

morning ritual 2 

I wanted to keep it simple, since my mornings are almost futile exercises in trying to boot up my brain while attending to the child's needs, yet maintain a bit of my photo altering style. They are not stupendous, but they are honest.

I have a huge crush on the recipient's work (I'll be posting about her soon, but I don't want to ruin the surprise now) so I really hope she likes them!!


albertapostcards said...

I've already made comments about those darling mobiles but I wanted to comment on these lovely photos for the swap. I sure wish I knew how to do some of the lovely manipulations you are so adept at. The effects you've used on these two photos is simple yet VERY effective. I wish I could the same. Lovely work Rachel.


kevin said...

I have seen the mobile in person and can vouch for how beautiful it is! Congrats on being mentioned in the other blog.

Love, Kevin.

Christine Edwards said...

Rachel, your mobile is adorable. It really turned out great. I love your Ritual photos...that morning cup is one of mine as well. Great job.