Saturday, March 8, 2008

Internal Improvements ~ this week's theme

It's funny to me how this blog can feel like an extension of myself and a neglecting of it like self neglect. I can be away for a week and it only feels like a break, like self care. Stay away for longer and I feel ignored by myself. Strange.

Or is it? Since any actual dialog I have with anyone about what I've written or posted here is delayed by hours or days, and comes in the form of a smattering of comments that I read in one sitting and only might respond to, it's really a conversation I'm having with myself. I do imagine, as I'm writing, that you are reading, but in most cases I don't know who you are. In the absence of that info, I suppose I insert myself, hence the conversation with myself. (I wonder how many other bloggers feel that they are really conversing with themselves.)

At any rate, I'm back, a little lighter and a little more balanced for the break.

I've not been photographing a whole lot lately. I've been more focused on applying what I've been learning over the past year (via blogs mostly) about design and my tastes in that arena. I have several ideas I'm mulling over, one of which is covering one wall, in what will be my son's room, with topographical maps. I got the idea from a page in a Potterybarn Kids catalog which showed a room with one wall papered in vintage looking blue and yellow maps haphazardly overlapped. It was similar to this one I found on Flickr


I loved the idea but was looking for a way to make it my own, and to be toned down a bit.  Topo maps was the perfect fit. I've always loved the patterns that can be found on them and I'm hoping they can be an understated yet noticeable element.

topo love

I got a great deal on a lot of 24 slightly used Nevada black and white Advance Sheet maps 22 x 27 inches, 1:24,000 scale, on ebay, for roughly $1 a piece. I can't wait to get them up on the wall.

I'm also working on a simple quilt for my boy. I saw this great idea via Design Sponge and was very inspired.


I rounded up some great men's dress shirts (no vintage shirts to be found around here) at the local thrift store and have been chopping them up whenever I can clear off enough space on my studio table. Based on the fabrics I found the finished product will probably look more like this:


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cl said...

Well, I for one have missed you. I was hoping there was nothing seriously wrong, or that you hadn't moved and I missed it. I'm a fan of your work and try to check in a couple of times a week. But I understand what you are saying, who are we talking to anyway? I should have called my blog,"conversations with my computer"! I think I need to spend less time viewing and more time doing! But, I'm in the Midwest - need I say anymore? I'm sick of photographing anything with snow anywhere around it. At any rate, glad you're back, love the map idea, looking forward to what you come up with. Have a great week.