Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ask, and...

receive. Crazy how that works.

I got some really great feedback last week that has allowed me to feel a bit better about my work lately.

Nostalgic Beach

The consensus is that I'm doing pretty good with the digital altering stuff. The photography needs work, but there is potential there.

winter ease

I am much encouraged. Thank you lovely people (Diane, Claudia, Christine, and my K)  for honest reflections and so many kind, love filled, words. My cup runith over.

Alright, enough focusing on my delicate ego. Let us have art and conversation!

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Diane said...

see, look at these lovely entries today?

On my recent trip I did some camera experimentation. Photographer Brian Peterson recommends a lot of experimentation and I tried something with exposures and really like the results. I'll post them in a day or two ... he recommends using a slower shutter speed and zooming in and out while taking the photos to get the same subject but a totally different effect. Now I'm upset I didn't try it with some of the colourful flowers I encountered but I did get some interesting night shots. Tell me about your experiments.