Monday, November 14, 2005

Pregnancy Journal Entry #7: 2nd OB visit

I keep learning all these things that are just so weird. I mean I know that all these symptoms I have, all these pregnancy oddities, happen to everyone and its just par for the course. But, its all soooooo surreal to me. Maybe its because I have a lot of time, working from home, to notice all the nuances of whats going on. Maybe its because I've never really been this aware of my body before, never having been an athlete or dancer or anything very physical. (I pretty much dwell exclusively in my head)

So, we (Kevin, Bean and me) went to our 2nd OB appointment at 15 weeks gestation last week. It was a quick visit. We went over my blood tests from last time, no VD to be found (I feel like a pretty pretty princess), my weight, questions and concerns, etc. I asked about a pain I'd been having recently. It was this pulsing sort of ache just above my pubic bone that would last few seconds and come about every two minuets or so. Now I was pretty sure it didn't feel like anything to be worried about, and so I wasn't, but I was curious. Turns out its my pelvic bones moving around to make room and allow my hips to spread!! How cool is that?? I mean I knew that stuff would be moving around but I didn't know I'd feel bones moving!! That is soooo crazy! And then I found out that the muscle cramp feeling I'd get in my uterus when I coughed or sneezed or got up from a sitting position too strenuously was indeed what it felt like. Again, it makes sense. And still, I'm blown away. I'm 31 years old, I guess I figured I'd have felt all the possible bodily sensations by now. Before I got pregnant, I thought I would be tired sure, be sick to my stomach, unfortunately, but I wasn't expecting NEW sensations. Man, I can't wait to feel bean jumping around inside. If, I'm blown away by pelvic bones and uterine muscle stirrings, I suspect I will be literally dumbfounded by the movement of my baby in my belly. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

At this OB visit we also got to hear bean's heartbeat. It was really cool, but I kept having the feeling that I should have had a bigger reaction. I guess the fact that we had seen bean three times already via ultrasound, and had seen bean's heart beating even when bean was really a clump of tissue, made it all seem a little routine. I mean I love that we got to hear it, and at the same time it was exactly what I expected. Maybe that's it. Everything else has been such a surprise, both good and bad, tho mostly good. Bean's heartbeat was easy to find, came in loud and clear, sounded healthy, and sounded just like other fetal heartbeats I've heard. So I guess the lesson learned here is revel in the mundane, for its far better than the fearful.

Next appointment is in 3 weeks!! If bean is willing and able, we will find out what flavor bean we are having (boy flavor or girl flavor). Kevin is getting more excited about this prospect the closer it gets to us. I have gotten more relaxed for some reason. In the beginning I would have given my mother's eyes, sorry mom, to find out asap. Now, I'm just feeling really mellow about it. Like, I don't HAVE to know now, but I am excited.

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