Tuesday, September 4, 2012

making more room

The other night I put aside all of the shoulds and todos, and I worked on something just because I wanted to. I followed by muse, my flow, my intution, my desire... whatever it might be called, and I made these:

It's funny to me that these came out the way they did. They were taken in the dead of winter in 2009, but processed in the summer of 2012, during one of Seattle longest stretches of no rain (40+ days) and I can see the influence of the sun. The whites are brighter, the black and blues crisper. They of course do say winter, but most of my winter influenced pictures are a lot more grungy, less contrasted, and murkier. It will be interesting to see if this is really the influence of the sun and if I go back to murky later as the mist, fog and clouds descend. Or, is this the natural evolution of my style that will persist? Time will tell. 

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