Wednesday, August 29, 2012

People are Amazing

People are Amazing is a new tradition around these parts which I'm really loving. It's keeping me balanced and humble. More about all that here.

This week... it's Jonathan Russell, from one of my favorite bands "The Head and The Heart" singing one of their new songs "Chasing A Ghost", who is amazing me. 

I love the passion with which he sings this song, the crescendos, the fortepiano (correct me if I get the terms wrong. It's been a long time since high school marching band), the singular romance the man has with the song. If you hear the more album ready version, as always, is clearer and easier to hear... and it has passion, along with layers of voices, layers of other people's passions about the song... but it misses the intense love affair between one man and his poetry (I don't actually know who wrote it but you know what I mean. When someone's poetry inspires something like that kind of singing, it becomes their poetry too).

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