Monday, March 19, 2012

new lessons

One of the most important things I'm learning right now about product photography has nothing at all to do with styling or shooting, but with the way my mind works. I get excited when I'm getting ready to shoot. I whip out the product and props and start manically throwing stuff together and clicking away. This can be an effective approach to painting or any other more directly expressive art form. But, as I'm finding, tis not all that productive for what I'm doing now. Thought is key. Deliberation and consideration are necessary. These are not things at which I excel, at least where creativity is concerned. But really, what is life if not a process of learning. And learning the tether that kind of controlled chaos, while still responding the golden nugets of inspiration that lay within, could have great side effects in the rest of my life. It might be nice not to be as intense as all that so often, so long as it doesn't mean I have to give up coffee. 


This blog post (from averie cooks about a workshop done by 

Diane Cuhas helped me get to this new lesson. Talk about golden nugets of wisdom. 

The other important thing I learned there.... 

Practice!....practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice and then practice some more. 


Leslie Avon Miller said...

When I clicked on your blog to come see, I got a message from Blogger that this blog may contain adult content that might be objectionable. Really?
Nice shots you have been taking.

Rachel said...

Hello Leslie... Thank you for visiting! So nice to see a fresh face!!

Indeed it is true. A while back I wrote a post about nudity in fine art photography, which included examples from some very good photographers. While I believe the images I used were beautiful and tasteful, there is that crazy thin line between art and objectionable, between nudity and crudity... and it seems to be so very different for everyone... so, I'm playing it safe and trying to be completely honest in representing myself. I'd hate for someone to stumble upon that post for whom it would be inappropriate or disturbing.

I'm curious Leslie, how did you find my blog? I hardly ever get to ask that question.

=0) Rachel.