Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bright battle

I've been shooting some very challenging products the last few days. They are comprised, often, of very bright colors. And those that are more subdued tend to be pink. I'm NOT a bright colors person. I, very often, am not a spring colors person. I Love gray. I Love teal, seafoam, navy, deep sea green. Pink and red almost don't exist in my mind. 

But I like a creative challenge (although my husband wouldn't have known it from my pouty and downright surly attitude lately = frustration over not getting the looks right for these bright tones). But, as things are coming together and I'm seeing that light at the end of the tunnel, I find myself forming a truce of sorts with brights. It's been a full emersion experience, a sink or swim with bright colors experiment, but I begrudgingly opening myself to the possibilities of widening my range of tolerance. (Did you notice all the hesitant qualifiers in that sentence.)

 I'm growing !!!... although by very small steps, evidenced by the (subtle) ever so slightly brighter green ribbon I was falling for today.

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