Monday, March 12, 2012


Sometimes I like to fantasize that my images could end up on book covers. How amazing would that be? If it were a popular book, it would be like the world's largest showing of one photograph. Yep, I have a rich fantasy life. =0) 


Titles, authors and comments on these "book covers" are also imaginary. 

I've no in as of yet with book publishers or the folks that find cover art for them. BUT... there is very good, very exciting news on the horizon for my humble photographs. I don't want to say what it is until its in hard copy, but if you haven't guessed it yet, I can say it has something to do with my photos being seen by the masses in print. I'm so freaking excited that I cannot even stand myself. A couple of weeks and I should be able to share the joy with you all. CAN'T WAIT!!!


Jennifer Stotz Murphy said...

When my novel gets picked up by a major publisher, I'll keep you in mind. ;^)

Larissa said...

I love this idea! Brilliant!