Saturday, August 20, 2011

r i v e r

The word has extra spaces because it seems to me to need to be whispered in reverence right now. Bodies of water hold magical powers over me, as if I once where a droplet in a recent life and never had felt more at home in myself.

This river, name unknown, lives near the camping spot we visited in late July. It's near Quilcene on the Olympic peninsula in Washington State.

I was in love. It beaconed me into it's embrace with it clear watery blues and greens. It almost felt like a seduction.

But with each toe dipped into the liquid heaven, I was bitten back by my human inferiority to withstand the chill.

It was a maddening, yet somehow peaceful, playful, exhilarating, tug of war between needing to be part of the beauty and self preservation.

So, instead of physically bathing in the beauty of it all, I took these pictures, and the feelings evoked, with me.

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