Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V day

Happy Belated Love Day!! I hope everyone felt all warm and fuzzy on this day for celebrating love.

This is really the first year my son has been fully aware of holidays and able to anticipate them, which means they have been a whole lotta fun for Mommy.

(Top Left) For our house we made a heart garland of fabric from my stash. We used wonder under to adhere the hearts together and each has a different print on each side. And since Mommy is not a big fan of pink, red or even purple, we went with orange, yellow, green and blue. It's been a nice color pick-me-up for these mid winter glummy days too. The best part... We didn't spend a penny to make it. We had all the stuff already taking up room in my studio.

(Top Middle and Bottom Right) For the boy's class we made heart shaped sun catchers by melting shaved crayon between wax paper, added a string and suction cup, and bagged it all up together. I like to give things that can be used as opposed to a card that might go directly into the recycle bin. Plus, making something is so much more fun and educational. All I had to buy for this was the wax paper and suction cups.

(Bottom Left) My husband and I decided on a $20 limit for our gifts for each other. Up until the last minuet I wasn't sure what I would get him, but I knew it would come to me. This is a "statement of love" board. I painted the word "Love" on a small chalk board I had and wrote the rest with chalk. It says "I love you something fierce." We'll hang it up on the wall where we can change the message from time to time reflecting our current outlook on love for each other, for our family, or for our relationship. I'm so excited to see how it will change over time. The absolutely best part of this was, I spent $0. I had all the supplies I needed already!!

(Top Right) While cooking dinner Valentines night I got the kitchen all steamy (from cooking spaghetti - not glamourous by most standards but anytime I cook dinner feels like a special occasion) and I started drawing hearts all over the windows. It's the kid in me that won't be denied.

XOXOXO to you all.

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The Garden Ms. S said...

I love those melted crayon hearts - sweet!

My little guy is a bit younger than yours, I think, and just starting to get a glimmer of the holidays. Joyful days. :)