Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project

Some months back I signed up for Arthouse Co-op's Sketchbook Project. I had grand fantasies of profound works of art gently tucked among simple pages of a mole skin journal. I like to think of them as delusions of grandeure, which seems particularly accurate. I do that a lot. I expect too much of myself without having any kind of clear plan. Then I get intimidated, and don't know where to start.

This time I saw that process begin fairly quickly and then shut it down, saying to myself... "Just start, go, and see what happens." And that's what I did.

"I'm so literal I fear this book will be about streets…and looking down them…and who "you" might be. It's a place to start I suppose. It's a delicate balance between listening to your & challenging yourself. "

For quite a few pages I just did whatever came to mind. Most of it was centered around the process of buying and moving into this new (old) house (the house of my dreams really). My whole world was about that then.

"Down your street live dreams of youth and adulthood, of moments to contemplate, of lazy summer days, of slow moving breezes, and all kinds of wonders made of wood.

I have dreams too. They are new but began years ago. I never knew it was okay to dream. I've learned since then. Now I dream in vivid imagery. "

A fabric sketch. I did this quick, with glue, and no sewing. I'd like to play with fabric collage in the future. It's on my creative life list.

Then I started playing with line. Many of these were done in other sketch pads/books because I was more relaxed working in those. The pressure to do something great in the Sketchbook Project book was too much and it undermined my confidence and ability to relax into an idea.

These seed shapes are ones I saw first from Arounna of bookhou at home. I'm completely obsessed with them and have been drawing them everywhere.

Home grown from seeds of love and creativity

Then I began to think of home as greater than my new house. I was thinking of place and the environment around me, of my love of the Seattle climate, my love of water and what it means to this place.

I had a lot of fun with the clouds and rain. I did some more once I was done with this sketchbook that were a little different. Maybe I'll share those too sometime.

This whole experience was a pretty good one, self imposed pressure aside. I'm actually most impressed that I finished it and sent it in on time. Look at me, I'm a big girl now.


Larissa said...

Love the whole concept behind the sketchbook, and your actual work in it. As always, your writing in these blogs is moving by your authentic, honest and personal approach to sharing.

Katarina said...

Such a beautiful blog you have. I love these sketches.