Tuesday, December 28, 2010

another moment

Ebb and flow is a common theme around these parts but its one that tends to grab and hold my attention. Maybe it has something to do with my elemental affinity with water. Maybe it's not all that unusual for the wakeful living individual to notice cycles. I often find I must notice them, and speak/write/or ponder them. At the center of ebb and flow is balance - that ever illusive mistress.

The moment project that my dear friend Cory and I started a couple of years back ended (for me) about a year ago. At the end I was overwhelmed and burned out on the project, and in my life. I needed to retreat. Now, with things feeling calmer in my life, more stable and rhythmic, I find I'm looking for a little more flow when it comes to connecting with other artists and photographers. And I'm need a lot more flow in connecting with my camera, my photographer self.

That being the case, I decided to do another moment project with a bit of a different spin. Each week, in the coming new year, I will shoot a photo of what I'm doing, or where I am, or what I'm thinking, etc. The first week I will shoot at 8:00 am, on any day I choose. In the second week I will shoot at 8:15am, on any day I choose. And so on.

My first hope is to make it to 52 weeks, shooting through 13 hours of the clock, from 8am to 9pm, in 15 minuet weekly increments.

My second hope would be that others would join me (in a flickr group and/or a joint blog) just as before, to amass a portrait of our lives, through the hours of the clock, 15 minuets at a time.

I will share my journey here for now. If anyone is interested in joining me feel free to leave me a message here or flickr message me. The adventure begins On the first of January 2011. =0)


molly said...

LOVE this idea! i really wanted to tackle a project this year. but couldn't think of something that fit. this is a brilliant idea! xoxo

Cory said...

Count me in chica. :o)

gis said...

I am in as well, this is a lovely idea!

truly blessed said...

wait! i just got this today (monday), so am i already late??? or can i shoot any day this week at 8:00am? not a good sign that i'm already asking questions. lol.
yeah, i have one more...i have a blog, but it's been a looooong time since i've posted anything on it. is that where i would upload my shots or on flickr???
thanks for including me in this. i too went into burn out mode late last summer.
so....here's to a complete year of creativity and balance! cheers!
~mary (cinco_mom)

all that i am said...

oh...this makes me happy!
I loved "all I need is a moment"
and missed it...while you rested!

I love being connected to something creative when I'm languishing...which I am doing now...

and I especially love the beautiful moments you guys share!

I'm so glad you are back
and grateful to be asked back!

details please

Rachel said...

A few questions have arisen about the new moment project so I thought I'd address those quickly.

* I am considering this the first week of January. We'll count Sunday as the first day of the week and Saturday as the last. So the second week will begin on Jan 9th.

* I'm planning to open a new flickr group so we can all have a fresh start. I'm hoping to do that this week but I've been sick for a while and just got antibiotics for an ear infection today, so it may take me a few days.
* You can post your "moment" photos anywhere you like (on flickr, on your blog, etc.) After the group is set up feel free to display them there as well.

Keep the questions coming if you have them. Don't be shy. You can post them here, or flickr mail me. I'm planning on this being even more casual than the last moment project so there aren't a lot of rules, just shared moments, shared photos, shared experiences. Have fun!!!!