Thursday, November 19, 2009

go slowly now…

a line from a song. I’m trying to remember the lesson there.

I’m always a little more than impressed when a blogger is able to announce ahead of time that they will be taking a little break but will be back in XX time. I take breaks too… but I’m damned if I know when they will happen. I guess I’m less of a break taker and more of a break happens to her. My breaks are only breaks in hindsight. How do those others have the foresight?

simple joys swing chain

Swing chain on a playground = simple joy 

Lots has changed in our lives around my little piece of the world. We moved from our tinny downtown Seattle apartment into a lovely mid-century home a bit farther north. We are near Lake Washington now, in a quiet wooded neighborhood where it gets really dark at night and it’s oh so quiet. I love it a lot. We are going on 15 months without a job, but keeping calm and carrying on. Mr. O. is in a coop preschool, which I alternately love and hate (it’s a hell of a lot of work for parents and only sometimes does it feels worth it). We have our ups and downs and that’s just fine.

simple joys toy truck

 A Tonka dump truck on our new kitchen floor, amidst the hand cart = simple joy

When times get tough… I keep thinking of a few things to get me by. One of those is “simple joys”. I mentioned this concept awhile back, as one Amanda Soule had inspired in me. Simples joys are such a great way to celebrate the little things everyday that are beautiful, or gratifying, or simply real enough to ground you. I haven’t been shooting many photos lately, but the ones I have taken reflect my need to remember “simple joys” will be my salvation.

simple joys leaves on a window Fall leaves painted with ink onto special filter paper by ones son, hanging in the window = simple joy

I feel like I’m coming back to myself once again, and I truly did miss this space. So, hello again, lovely reader. How have you been?



The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I have missed your words and images a lot, Rachel. Your gift of mental and physical imagery makes my day each and every time. Simple joys, yes. Of late stress and anxiety have overtaken me so this post is a good reminder to breathe and let it be - take things one day at a time. Very Tolle you are.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Glad to see you back!

Lovely pics of your son - that smile something special. My little guy is 2 1/2 right now and he has a particular smile for his Granddad's puppydog. I am just soaking it up. :)