Friday, April 24, 2009

5 senses in this moment

inspired by ***abbytryagain*** 5 senses Friday

hear the church bells from two blocks away, so calming, so musical, so tender.


hear the freeway another two blocks away.It’s steady hum sounds like a fast moving river

feel Vivian’s soft fur, her gentle head butts, her wordless pleas for attention, affection.


feel the sweet nectar of coffee, an obsession, it’s warmth filling my throat.

see seagulls fly by my 11th story windows, as if they were merely passing an immoveable cloud 

hope floats postcard size

see the light from the sun, allowed a clear blue sky, to cast hotspots of white on my floor.

taste breakfast lingering on my tongue. taste the memory and anticipation of sugary, creamy, coffee


smell not much at all, as that is my dullest sense, and seems to continue to wane. smell the absence of anything foul.


kendalee said...

Lovely sensory moment!

Word verification is kisser - seems apt for a post on senses :o)

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I could feel, see, smell, taste, touch everything along with you, Rachel. Delightful.

Diana said...

Beautiful imagery - I love connecting these various senses to the photographs. Very powerful.