Tuesday, January 6, 2009

saying goodbye

Recently, the boys and I visited one of the few places we love in our current home town. Hill Street Cafe lives in an old Victorian house just three blocks from the beach. It is the only place in the area that has extensive vegetarian selections on it's menu, uses only organic ingredients whenever possible, and recycles just about everything. The food was pretty good, the service wasn't, but it was our little piece of bohemia in an establishment world (military town).

When we move to Seattle, soon now, I'm sure we will find many a joint to take it's place, but I'm thankful we had it here. We needed it.

Goodbye Hill Street and thank you!

Hill Street

saying goodbye 2 IMG_8035

saying goodbye 1



sunmamma said...

It sounds like a great place!!

kristin said...

yes we all find those special places. even in places we don't feel like we fit, we find a place we just do. and i am sure where you are headed you will be inundated with awesomeness.