Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I suppose it might have something to do with winter's long nights, or maybe that I've all but become a vampire lately, with my wakeful nights and sleepy days, but it seems to me things have gotten a bit dark and gloomy around these pages. I endeavor to change that, for my sanity and for the sake of the energy I put out into the world.

That being said, it's been a while since I've been able to shoot much. I'm not adept at, nor very fond of, night time photography and my recent convergence into the aforementioned vampiric (I like to just go ahead and make up my own words whenever it suits me) lifestyle has left me with few options as of late. So... in an effort to lighten things up I've decided to rip off barrow some other fine photographers' work with a little shared inhaling (taking in others' art). I hope they don't mind.

I've been very touched lately by Kristin's (of Maine Mama) efforts at her 365 Gratitude project. The little windows she draws for us to peer through to her life with her beautiful, life-ful, joyful family has me noticing my own focus on darkness and missing the light. Here are a few examples:


I am also completely smitten with Sebrina's (Sunmama) new photoblog My Year of Mornings, not only because I so wish I were a morning person, or even that I wish I had the kind of discipline to do a solo project of this magnitude, but simply because her photos are so beautiful. See?:


And then there is Cory, my seaweed lovin', "all I need is a moment" project sharin', creatively diverse, scientist, cheerleadin' (as in she cheers me on, not that she owns pompoms! Ha!) friend, who has been blowing me away as of late with her black and white series:


Wish me luck in seeing enough daylight tomorrow to snap a few lighter and brighter photos of my own.


kristin said...

well blush! thank you for the compliments. i search out the light. truly it is a conscious effort. like you mentioned, i too tend to let the dark in at times, so just as i search for a tiny moment of gratitude for something each day, i too search out the light. especially in the long dark days of winter, that sap my soul.
can't wait to see what you get in the light.

i too love sunmamma
and i WISH i were good and black and white i am not, but i do appreciate those who are, because i know form my struggles that it is no easy task.

sunmamma said...

AAwww thank you so much!! I am kind of speechless! I am so totally inspired by Mainemomma! I will check out "all I need is a moment" It looks wonderful!

I hope you come out of the dark. It's hard at this time of year. I usually go into a funk at this time of year but I am finding the photography is helping me so much!!!

xo sebrina

Ryan said...

I did not know that! I wonder if it's too late now and if I could morph one of the new URLs into the one I've got going now. . .

I have become a vampire myself. . . staying up way too late and walking around like a corpse in the hours of light. I hope to make a shift in this soon!!

Thank you for your help!

Ryan said...

Wow does that feel good to make the change but not abandon my blog. I am VERY VERY appreciative for that very useful bit of know how!

Thanks again!!

kendalee said...

All I'll say is that it's 01:01am (really) and here I am... Vampiric behaviour seems to suit the time of year for many. :)

Camnista said...

great finds!! lovely photographs!