Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inspired by kindness

I know the stereotype goes that an artist is suppose to be tortured and pained in order to create. And I admit that sometimes, in that state, I am more creative. But, I also think I tend to be very creative when I’m gleefully happy. Maybe it’s emotion in general that is good for the creative soul. Maybe it’s not seeing the magic in the mundane, maybe being fixed in mediocrity, maybe being disconnected, disassociated, that kills art. Yeah, I’m going with that.


Kindness inspires me. I’m amazed whenever I see it. I think kindness is hard, in that it takes more effort to be kind than to be selfish, inconsiderate, cold, unempathetic. To notice when kindness is needed, to  set the intention to provide that kindness and following through takes a lot of courage and strength. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe that is only the experience I have had in the world. It would be wonderful to find that to be the case.


Regardless, kindness inspires me to work harder, be better at being human, and wanting to be better at being makes me want to push forth what is good in me into art.


In light of this I thought I would share a simple list of ideas for Random Acts of Kindness. It’s not a revolutionary idea… just a good reminder, to myself, to make kindness more habitual.

random acts of kindness

(hmmm… kinda small to read, hunh? Sorry about that. Clicking on it should help.)


sunmamma said...

I agree with you. I am more inspired when i am happy and kindness is a wonderful inspiration.

kendalee said...

Great idea! I know how my day is improved by a small kindness being shown to me and I agree that it's so relatively easy to be kind to others and makes me feel good too. And when I feel good, everything is better - creativity too. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy and spread kindness!

albertaphotography said...

I definitely agree; in fact I made a pact with myself to listen more and more attentively. I feel good that I actually do or have done a few that are on your list though I really could make my own -- and shall.
I LOVE the one of paying a teenager to mow someone else's lawn. I'll keep that in mind when I finally move back to the city. I love that. You are very thoughtful.
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Kavindra said...

Loverly post! And I love love love these photos.