Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a year...

...in review ...in pictures ...in homage to light, beauty, form, line, conception, object, pattern, people, nature, dark, life, death, change, transformation, growth, movement, stillness, pride, peace, hope, love, love, love...

And a year worth of gratitude for you kind reader, for your comments, your time spent reading my words, looking at my little pictures, being with me. Thank you, Thank you.

Thank you is such a small phrase, too small for the gratitude I feel in particular for these kind women:

Kendalee (dance of a painted lady)

Lisa (curious girl)

Deb (The Giraffe Head Tree)

Kristin (Maine Momma)

Courtney (Seaweed Lady)

who have given me not only words of encouragement, but their presence, their selves. I may rarely show it, kind souls, but your reaches out to me mean everything. I endeavor to deserve you sweet spirits. Thank you.

2008 year in review light

2008 year in review medium cool

2008 year in review medium warm

2008 year in review light and dark

2008 year in review dark


Larissa said...

Beautiful collage homage to 2008. Happy new year.

Ryan said...

happy right now to you! thank you for your words and moments captured

curious girl (lisa) said...

completely overwhelmed by the beauty that is your life. enjoy every lovely, light-filled moment of it.

and the feeling is mutual.

kendalee said...

For me too. I don't really know you and yet I feel deeply connected - the beauty and spirit you reveal here always touches me and I thank you for it. May 2009 bring you everything you wish for yourself and more...

kristin said...

well hey gosh. thank YOu. and look at all your gorgeous images. ow THAT my dear you must be proud of. and so fluid. happy new year friend. xo k

Cory said...

Yes indeed, the feeling is mutual! You are such an inspiration, my dear. Happy new year!
And I just love the photo sets here. Perfectly YOU. Keep on rockin'!