Sunday, December 7, 2008

Six random (and not so interesting) things about moi.

I have been tagged by The Giraffe Head Tree

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tic tac

Six random things about me

a. We have two cats in our family, Phoebe and Vivian, one of which (Vivian) likes to sleep on my head at night.

b. I hate getting my hair cut and that whole salon experience, probably because I'm not comfortable with small talk.

c. When I was younger I couldn't wait to be in my 60's so that I wouldn't have to worry what people thought of me. (I'm 34 now and am caring less and less all the time)

d. I've always wanted to be athletic. I'm not yet.

e. I might be a little ADD.

f. I grew up watching horror movies with my mom, but now I can't stand them.

The hardest part of this will be sending it off to 6 other bloggers. Most of the blogs I read are written by folks who have no idea who I am. Those who might have an inkling were on the same list I was on, and so have been tagged already. Will I be doomed to a luckless life as a result of not fully complying? I'll let you know. =0)

1 comment:

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Thanks for playing. It's nice getting to know you more.

We can't have cats - Baylee would eat them - but I prefer cats.

I love having my hair cut, but hate salons and the small talk, too. Detest it.

Growing up I knew I would not live past my 30's and was shocked when I did.

I'm not athletic either but wish I were more so.

You're a little ADD? I'm a little WTF. Sadly.

I love movies, period.

I think you are remarkable. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us all.