Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thoughtful Friday

I'm just a little more than obsessed - still.

And it's finding it's way into my work.

cold ground

Lyrics in the above photo are from Cold Ground by Rusty Truck. They read:

"Close the door and turn the key
I lock the door
And it's time to sleep
And all those pretty treasures are deep
Once revealed inside a dream
Diamonds shine on a water's edge
Never make it back from sea
To pray for nothing short of breath
Oh no never do we breathe"

You can find a rather poor quality vid of Rusty Truck performing this song in what appears to be NBC studio here.

when you give

Lyrics are from Cat Power's Half Of You:

"When you give
half of you
I want
all of you"

Clicky here to hear it, and for another viewer's take on the show.


Or maybe it's that I'm haunted. I seem to be feeling things more lately than I have in several years gone by. I seem to be reacting to art, written or performed art, words... with a lot more emotion than I have known for a long time. That's a good thing, I think. It's strange, intense, unnerving, confusing, haunting... but good, I think.

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The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I think, Rachel, that what you are experiencing is a normal coming into awareness. In our youth we seem encased in a bubble of "self," not really aware of the world overall. Our world is small and concentrated on us. (Generalizing, I know) As we mature our world expands and we become more aware of things greater than ourselves. This awareness can be disconcerting as it occurs, but it can also be rewarding and illuminating. Because you are so very artistic you may be more sensitive to these continuing groundswells of awareness.

That's pretty deep for an early, early Saturday morning. I'm done now.