Monday, October 13, 2008

Mosaic Monday

Filled Frame Love


Please click on the mosaic for photo credits. 

Do you ever feel the urge to confess? Not by way of penitence, or guilt relief. I mean confessing little things about yourself that you know no one would really care too much about and that don't necessarily weigh on your mind. They're more like little squeaks in the background  that irritate or pressure you, just slightly, for release.  Okay, you can tell me I'm crazy at any time. I won't hold it against you. Well, not for long at least.

I have had this urge come up a lot in the last few weeks. I can't say that I understand why or what to do about it. I keep thinking "maybe I should blog about *** or *** " and then I think... "really, these people don't want to hear about your ridiculous quirks."

But, they do say confession is good for the soul, and I can't know what it is I might get out of it if I don't try it.

Okay... here goes... and I do warn you, it's not going to be exciting or anything.....

A-hem. I... fall in love... with characters... from books, film and television because they are unobtainable. I get mad crushes on them, idealizing them even more than they already are, daydream about them, even, at brief moments, consider altering my life in some way to more approximate their world. Dumb? Yep! Immature, silly, kinda sad? yep yep yep.

Alright universe, what's this gunna teach me?


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Your mosaic this Monday is exquisite - the textures and shapes and colors. I'm swimming in it this morning.

As to your confession: I think you neither silly or immature or whatever. Instead, I believe this indicates a high level of creativity and intelligence and you, being an artist and all, can't help but flesh out such characters. I do similar and bring them into my everyday life in various ways. I do! In my young adulthood there were days I questioned my sanity, but over time I accepted it and think of them as friends...of a sort. They're a comfort, perhaps. An adult way of surrounding yourself with "people" who are always kind and interesting - forever friends. Much as a child does with an imaginary friend.

And why, oh why, do we feel compelled to speak of them here, on this blog? Hm. Freud would have a lot to say about us, Rachel! LOL!

kendalee said...

Love the mosaic - so, so beautiful! As always.

I think people enjoy reading about the "ridiculous quirks" of others. Well I do anyway. I find it interesting, and also somewhat reassuring, to see that others have quirks too. For example, your confession has made me feel slightly less weird about the fact that I distinctly remember developing my 1st crush of this kind - on Peter Pan. The Disney cartoon version! Okay, I was 8 but still, I daydreamed about him and what our life together might be like if only I could learn to fly too. Been wishing for wings ever since. I knew he was only a cartoon (I hadn't yet read the book) but it was still very real to me. And so began the pattern... I get crushes on characters too and sometimes they are comic book or cartoon characters. I've never actually said this out loud (let alone in print) before. Silly, maybe. Kinda sad? I prefer to think these quirks (harmless as they are) are what make people interesting and are just another way that creativity expresses itself.

As for confessing these things - if you can't do this on a blog... :)