Wednesday, August 13, 2008

White Space


On Saturday a dear friend welcomed me into her home and asked me to take some portrait shots of her. She needs them for a profile. I'd never been to her house and was pleasantly surprised that, while a fixer upper, her house is a charming mid-century-esk gem.

out back

Her backyard was huge by southern California standards and most of it is on a downward slope which afforded all kinds of nooks where flora grew wild and untamed. At the bottom of the hill, in a corner of her property was a hammock, under a tree, with a crisp green sheet over it.

That comfort spot

I pictured my friend, on lazy Sunday afternoons or warm summer evenings, gently rocking all the stress of the day away, with her dog bongo, feeling lovely and peaceful.

sharing her world

Thank you friend for sharing your world with me.

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