Thursday, August 7, 2008

failure isn't all that fun

I've been trying something new. Over on Etsy I've been poking around Alchemy (a listing where people ask for bids from creative types who want to produce the something special that is being requested) bidding on simple graphic design jobs. Mostly they are requests for custom banners for their Etsy stores, logos, signs, etc.

sample banner

(A banner mockup I did for someone wanting an Etsy banner that had a shabby chic feel. )

Long story short.. I've bid on a handful of things and have been rejected twice so far. Now, I know I'm being a big baby and I'm okay with that description of my attitude at the moment, but damn it, failure really isn't all that fun.

I'm recovering fairly quickly, but I'm really amazed at how fast I can go from feeling like a creative genius to feeling like the biggest misled hack in the world. Does this happen to all creative types? Does this happen to all professional, for that matter? Do you all have these big highs and lows when it comes to your ability to perform in your chosen field.


(Just some fun I had playing with pattern and shape. )

I feel like I can already hear a resounding "YES!!" and so this bit of therapy is working. And yet, I still want to crawl under the covers for a few moments and have myself a grand ol' pity party.


alsokaizen said...

While I can't speak for all I can definately say "OH YEAH !" (spoken in the Kool Aid man's voice) for myself... I sometimes find it stunning how quickly I can experience a complete revesal in my self-perception, and just so you know I looove that floral pattern... it dances!

kendalee said...
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kendalee said...

Every creative person I know feels this at some point - horrible to be there! It takes so much courage to put yourself "out there" in the first place and a lot of self-belief to keep it up in the face of some inevitable knock-backs. I think it's entirely natural to feel this keenly but hang in there, the wheel will turn again and your work is lovely!