Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PPC ~ sunlight week

I feel like I'm seeing the light about a lot of things lately, things that I have either not understood or haven't been able to absorb into my whole being.


This morning, I found the light in my cereal bowl. This afternoon I found it at my feet and at a threshold.

sunlight 2

I'd like to think it was there to remind me of the growth I'm experiencing, or to reassure me that illumination will continue. I'd love to think that I am of any consequence to nature or the universe. But really, I'm a speck on a speck, on a speck, etc.

sunlight 3

So instead, I find comfort in the fact that today I noticed the sun and the light, when, on many other days I don't. Maybe that's an indication that a real shift has been made, and maybe that the most powerful reassurance is coming from me.

'Cause really, how well can the universe know me anyway. 


Angie said...

Beautifully said :-)

Rachel said...

Thanks Angie! Those are always nice words to read. =0)

Anonymous said...

Such en'lighten'ment Rachel. I also especially love the photo on top of your foot in the light.

I'm finding I'm so busy that my creative writing is failing me ... it's lost in the dark.

Rachel said...

Oh that is so frustrating isn't it? It really kills me when I have the desire to be creative but the muse is not in the mood and I just can put out anything of worth. I always find it helpful to just stop trying and treat it like a sore muscle or sprained ankle. I give it some rest and let everything heal up so that it can be strong again. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I just know that fighting with it never does work.. lol I just get more frustrated and it (the muse) gets more sore/angry/resistant.