Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In love ~

~with these tiles from Xenia Taler

Xenia Taler 1

Xenia Taler 6

Xenia Taler 4


~with this illustration found on the UK based webshop, shinzi katoh which sells Shinzi Katoch products. It's a stripped down version of his postcard called Lonely Lion (see the original here).  Anyone know where I can get a print of this?!Shinzi Katoh


~ with these colors together (from the cover of Martha Stewart's latest issue of  Weddings)MS weddings mag cover3

This smart lady, of lovely design (I really think it was her, although I can't find the post now), compared them to the colors in an old school globe. I quite agree. See, she even has the photo to illustrate her point.



~ with this wallpaper from famille summerbelle, called dress up.

famille summer belle

They have a pillow too in the same pattern. It's just too precious.


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