Friday, May 9, 2008

I've seen better days...

Our boy can be the sweetest, kindest, most gentle creature when talking to babies, petting kitties, or meeting new friends. He can also become very combative when he is hurting or sick or not wanting to be where he is.

Hospital corners4

Combat is pretty much what Daddy and I felt we'd been through after Monday's hospital adventure. O had surgery to remove his tonsils and, as it turned out, his adenoids. He did great during the surgery and it was quick.

Hospital corners5

After, during recovery, however was a bit rockier. He came out of anesthesia pretty quick and became agitated immediately. The nurse gave him something to go back to sleep and that made his oxygen levels dip below acceptable levels (95). We spent the next few hours holding him while he slept, watching that number jump around between 83 & 100 (usually staying between 92-97), giving him extra oxygen when he needed it, trying to calm him when he awoke, coaxing him to drink, and preventing him from pulling out his IV.


It was a very long day, with many bouts of combat, and sore backs for Mama and Daddy after holding the boy for most of the day. He's healing well now and is sleeping so much easier than before the surgery. It still blows my mind that I can't hear him breathing. He is eerily quiet now. Yay for him...and us.

Hospital corners7


albertapostcards said...

Oh Rachel, how sorry I am to learn of dear O's post surgery reactions. I hope he's going better now and that you both can rest easy that O is doing better.


Rachel said...

Thanks so much Diane! Your well wishes are deeply felt.