Wednesday, January 23, 2008

shadows ~ on many levels

This is one of my favorite objects. My husband bought it for me on our visit to Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, Ca (near San Jose).

shadows - zen bell 2

I love it's simplicity, it's complexity,it's form and forms, and it's connection with a zen garden. Thanks honey!

shadows - zen bell 1

I'm not feeling particularly wordy lately. I'm not sure why. My brain is busy with analysis, concepts and emotion, I think.

There have been a lot of growing pains as of late. It's amazing how much life can change, can change me, over and over again, even at my age. Change is a good thing, and I welcome it... It's just that it can be a bit bumpy. Maybe this is why my photographs have taken a decidedly more straightforward and minimalist bent. Simplicity is welcomed too, to balance out what is complex.

Life is juicy, even when it's hard, and I love it, even when I hate it.

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