Thursday, January 10, 2008


I've gotten into my head recently that I'd like to make some plush animals and dolls, something I've never even come close to before.

I have some sewing skills. If hard pressed,  I'd probably consider myself a beginner with a lot of potential. What that actually means is that I know how to do a few things (and there are many things I've yet to learn) but I think I'm picking stuff up pretty quick. The very basics I've known since I was small. They've had time to marinade.

I'd love to make some stuff like this:

img27l - from Pottery Barn Kids 2006_1110simplies0036 280450796_48f58fb2b2 U_fish hippo IMG_5089web IMG_5430web mamaduck

Ooooooooo and someday, this:


I'd very much like to be able to design my own. I know that's way down the road, but I'm trying to figure out how to learn what I need to know without getting too bogged down in other people's patterns. Not that there isn't value in using others' patterns and ideas... I just don't do well with technical instructions. I hate them actually! It takes so much out of me to read and understand them(because I think in pictures and have to translate everything I read into visuals in my mind) that I'm completely burned out on trying to make the thing before I even get started.

So, I'm throwing it out there.. anyone have any idea how to learn these sewing skills without crying and crumpled patterns/instructions?

(I've become so laxed about keeping records on the photos I gather off the many craft blogs I visit... I feel terrible for posting these pictures without crediting their owners. So, if anyone recognizes anything, feel free to alert me and I will post credit. Thanks!)

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Diane said...

I do have an idea where to start looking ... Megan at scent of water has some tutorials ... perhaps she can set you on the correct path (perhaps one of these may be hers?):

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you how incredibly creative you truly are. Breathtaking.

Diane at Sand to Glass