Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flickr: Project 365

Last year about this time two very talented women started a photoblog called "3191 a year of mornings." The women are friends, live 3191 miles away from each other, and both get up early in the morning. On their site, they posted one picture each from their morning, each day ( almost everyday). Most of their photographs were slices of life type stuff, but photographed in a very serene, contemplative, zen-like way. The result was a simple yet elegant pictorial story of their lives, over a year, one morning at a time. (Their efforts have resulted in a "3191 a year of mornings" book and soon they will be kicking off a year of evenings which will span all of 2008).

hose in autumn3

(Autumn Thoughts ~ November 2007)

I liked this idea from the beginning and wanted to posses it somehow for myself. I waited until the new year was upon us before I really began to give it some serious thought. I've not really come up with anything that would have the same essential yin and still be my own. My husband and I even put our heads together and tired to come up with a joint project. So far, nada.

I've also been thinking about the fact that my posting frequency has taken a nose dive since I release myself from my 30 posts in 30 days challenge.


(Delicate Zen ~ November 2007)

The solution to both quandaries?? I think it might be this:

There is a Flickr group, called Project 365, which encourages you to post one photo a day for 365 days. Pretty simple. After a cursory look around I've found the results to be a mishmash of styles, subjects, and photo quality. It feels a bit chaotic but what I did excited me was their weekly topic challenge. They also have a list of last year's weekly challenges, which might be even better for me, so I can think ahead a bit.

Here is the list.

2007's Weekly Challenges:
Week 1: Our Shoes
Week 2: Our Breakfast
Week 3: Hallways
Week 4: Transportation
Week 5: Connected
Week 6: Love
Week 7: Stripes
Week 8: Drama
Week 9: Perspective
Week 10: Transactions
Week 11: Precious
Week 12: Rituals
Week 13: Yellow
Week 14: Heat
Week 15: Heritage
Week 16: Pride
Week 17: Birth
Week 18: Partnership
Week 19: After Dark
Week 20: Smile
Week 21: Finale
week 22: Start Of Summer
Week 23: Challenge
Week 24: Blue
Week 25: Work
Week 26: Half
Week 27: Home
Week 28: Water
Week 29: Green
Week 30: Summertime
Week 31: Communication
Week 32: Summer Produce
Week 33: Where are you?
Week 34: The End of the Beginning
Week 35: One of these things is not like the others
Week 36: The Green Eyed Monster
Week 37: Passion
Week 38: Numbers
Week 39: Toys
Week 40: Bizarre
Week 41: Red
Week 42: Depth
Week 43: Fire
Week 44: Music
Week 45: My Favorite Place
Week 46: Fun
Week 47: Spirit
Week 48: Stress
Week 49: December
Week 50: Secret
Week 51: Light
Week 52: Memories

This could be the guidance I needed to post more and photograph more.

So, in short, I'm gunna give it a try.

I think I will be using this list as a guideline but I also reserve the right to omit or edit topics due to their unsuitability to my lifestyle or to their sheer lack of yummyishlistness.


(Simply Complex ~ 2007)

So, what do you think? Sound like a good idea?


Diane said...

I think it's an amazing idea -- maybe not being part of the Flickr group but two people in different places (like the two you mentioned) taking photos at their respective places each day and then posting to the blog -- love that!! Love it too much.

Or I also like the idea of two people doing the same thing but following the list of inspirations. My camera is practically glued to my neck and hands ... I have soooo many photos and am constantly striving to improve ... I love light, shadows, shapes, colours, simplicity, texture ...

oh dear, this is YOUR blog, not mine. Oops, I just couldn't help myself ... the muse is whirling like a dervish ...

Sand to Glass

Diane said...

I'd be interested in collaborating with you. Contact me if you're interested. Great idea! If not, I'll forge ahead.