Wednesday, November 29, 2006

playin' hookie

Kevin took the day off today, mostly because I was completely exhausted and needed help with O, but also because he was pretty tired too. It made sense to us at 6am at least. It ended up being a nice little vacation for me. We went to the bookstore and I got all the time in the world to look for materials related to some new crafting inspirations that I've been obsessing on, and K & O got to watch the big kids play in the children's section. Then we went to fabric store where I found some really great remnants for said crafty project, and K got to read his new mag in the car (such a treat for him to not have to come into yucky fabric store) while O slept in the car. Then off to our fav lunch place (hill street cafe & coffee house) and home for a nap while my mom babbysat. It was a cool hookie day for me. I think K & O enjoyed it too. Life's simple pleasures are
oh so sweet.

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