Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pregnancy Journal Entry #5: Update & The Coast is Clear

Wow.. It has been too long.

September 9, 2005
We went in for our second sonogram/ultrasound today. It was much more exciting this time as we got to see multiple globs (instead of the single one last time) and a heart beat!! Seeing that pulsing tissue and knowing it was the very beginning of our baby's life long rhythm was truly amazing. And after seeing that heart beat we both relaxed a little, knowing it was a very good sign that the pregnancy was progressing well.

Soon after the s/u we spoke to the Dr. who was elated. She said everything looked good, that my blood work from the last visit showed an increase in the hormones she'd been worried about, and the s/u looked good. She gave us a big hug, recommended a obstetrician in her group that she thought would be a good match for us, and reminded me to come visit her anytime.

Hurray!!! The worrying is over!! At least about this issue.. he he

October 4, 2005
We had our first real OB appointment today. We both really like the new doctor (Dr. Gafori) but I'm not really surprised because I love this group of doctors and nurses. The appointment was pretty typical I'm sure. We answered a lot of questions about family medical history, had some blood drawn for routine tests, gave me some advice on exercise, eating, and avoiding hazards, etc.
The absolute most exciting part was the sonogram/ultrasound. Bean (what we call the baby) was seriously jumping all over the place. All three of us were cracking up. Shim (my non-gender specific pronoun creation) was going nuts. The OB said "Your going to have your hands full..." We laughed but it also kind of scared me.. I CANNOT handle a hyper kid. At least that's how I feel right now. I'm sure if I had to adapt I could, but it would be one of the hardest things for me, I just know it. The s/u made the presence of Bean so much more real. This last time there were arms and legs and a torso and a head.. It was really amazing. I feel like I should be able to feel all of the movement inside, even tho I know Bean is way too small just yet. It would just make it even more apparent that what was going on in that picture was really going on inside me.

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