Saturday, October 8, 2005

Ask an Expert: Pets and newborns

The following excerpts are taken from Ask an Expert: Pets and newborns: and address ways to help acclimate your cat to a newborn family member.

"The transition may be difficult for your pets, but you can make it easier for them by preparing them for the infant’s arrival and paying lots of attention to your pet after the baby comes home."

"In the weeks before you deliver, you may want to play tapes at home with the sound of an infant crying. It’s also a good idea to begin exposing your pets to blankets, lotions and powders that smell like a baby. Talk in a soothing voice to your pet while letting them smell these baby items."

"After the baby comes home, give your pet time to adjust. Reward them for good behavior around your baby, and pet and play with them even more than usual."

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