Monday, August 15, 2005

Belly Casting

My very good friend Larissa reminded me about this great way that mom's-to-be can capture a moment in time, and forever remember what their beautiful bodies looked like, in 3 dimensions, when they were pregnant.

Either with the help of a professional, or using a home kit, the mother-to-be is covered in plaster. The plaster is placed over the belly alone, or along with the breasts, and an upper arm or two. Some women even add a hand or two on their bellies, like they are holding baby or feeling for his/her kicking. I think I would love to have my husband's hand included. When it hardens the plaster retains the shape of the pregnant belly. Often women have an artist paint or collage on the surface to add interest and to coordinate with ones decor. Others leave it a plain white, which I tend to like because the focus is the shape and not the surface.

I can't wait to have this done. What an incredible gift to remember this remarkable and yet brief time in your life when you're is growing, nourishing, protecting your child inside your body and soul.

These are the two links I happen to have related to belly casting, but I believe there are many to be found if you search google.

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