Friday, December 9, 2011

less is more

I'm coming to realize that I have waaaaaaaay too many creative interests. My wonderful husband, who wants me to have everything, is hesitant to agree. But I see it. I love all the amazing things I see others doing out there and it all makes me want to try it too. But, ultimately, I think that it dilutes my creative energy, and most definitely my creative time & space.  So, I'm trying to decide what to let go of. 

Photography stays. Digital art stays. Paper, ink, pencil, and eraser stay. Still life props stay. Fabric stays (hobby). Yarn goes. 

Um... So, I'm keeping everything but yarn. Okay, that's one drawer emptied. Shit. 


Jennifer Stotz Murphy said...

Baby steps are good.

Rachel said...

Thank you Jen. And of course you are right. Gradual change tends to stick better than giant leaps (at least for me).